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BCFA Grassroots Football Award on 16/7/18

BYSA once again this year the work has been acknowledge not only by the Queen but now by the Birmingham County FA who held a grassroot football awards event at Birminghm City FC on the 16th July 2018, to celebrate a number of categories/awards at Grassroot level. This was put together by the BCFA in rewarding the groups that help the major groups above in celebrating their hard work over the year in which online applications were made and then judged by a panel to pick awards on its merits.

The evening consists of 12 major awards at Grassroot level, BCFA chairman/director Kevin shoemake, current/retired footballing legends, press and many more to make the event a success. The awards that had been allocated were people from all over the midlands to celebrate the hard work that goes into Grassroot level football.

BYSA had the privilege of being apart of the event and honoured in receiving the Community of the Year Award for 2018 and Respect Award Runner up 2018.

This event was most enjoyed and some talent under one roof to celebrate the hard work that all the groups do and continue to work harder to achieve the best for their groups, the event was well organised and lot of networking took place on the night for everyone to get involved and be involved.

Quote by the BYSA team of volunteers ” Amazing event, total credit to everyone involved and here today and much appreciated of receiving 2 awards for our hard work for the past 16 years worth the wait may it continue”photo-2018-07-18-10-28-52

BYSA like to thank everyone involved especially BCFA and BCFC for making this a memorable experience and event.

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