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BYSA On Tour Spain 2018

Birmingham youth sports academy (BYSA) had the opportunity from the 13/12/18 to 17/12/18 to take the kids of the academy to Real Madrid for a fun, action packed, educational and experience of a life time. This is the second time that the Bysa have been on tour some years ago we went to Barcelona but the Real Madrid experience is going to be a memorable one for a very long time by all who participated.

It was a five day structured package all inclusive break with the help of inspire sports company. At Real Madrid they allowed us high quality facility were the teams train, Pro licence A coaching/coaches, stadium tourof the Bernabeu, watch a live match at the ground which ended up Real Madrid winning, sightseeing of Real Madrid city centre/famous places, friendly matches against opposition teams at semi professional level and a extra treat for the kids a stadium tour to athletico Madrid newly built stadium.

30 people had taken part in this trip 18 Bysa players and 12 volunteers which was amazing experiences to all involved. This trip has changed lives and made a hugh difference as the kids gave their feedback to us of the lovely time they had, the changes in their lives, the bigger picture to work harder in life, some emotional moments as the kids have had personal issues in their up bringing and current life, confidence/team work bonding, being more independent looking after themselves and others around them, helping others to do better and motivate these were some of the topics that the kids touched upon and the volunteers at the bysa were very emotional to hear that we are making the impact in the community and individuals lives.

Overall experience of a life time which has made a big impact on the kids and we will intend to this every year if we can to encourage more.


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